The Film

The film will explore why people with dyslexia sometimes hide their disability, and the anxiety and stress this can cause for them, their friends, families and colleagues. This will encourage people to stand up and say “I’m dyslexic” and not be afraid.

The contributors’ positive experiences of ‘coming out’ as dyslexic to the world will be documented.


We will create a website that will allow you to interact with the production team as the film is being made.

The film will not be made in isolation, feedback from viewers, comments and suggestions will inform the creative process and help shape the film.

Monthly updates and rough cuts of the film will be posted regularly, with facilities for viewers to comment.

Regular live streams on Facebook and Youtube throughout the development process will enable engagement with our funding community and supporters. In these sessions, the team will invite people to discuss dyslexic topics we are going to feature in the film. The first live stream chat will be at the end of February while the funding campaign is still running .
Those who experience the project, either by watching the film or using the online resources, will benefit by gaining an understanding of dyslexia and what life is like for people with dyslexia, the positives as well as the negatives. As well as representing the lives of dyslexics in their own terms, this will also inspire people to explore their own experiences with the dyslexia and seek support if required.

The project will inspire people to identify their own dyslexia. The project will highlight ways in which dyslexics can lead successful and fulfilling lives.