Aims of the film

In 2017 we created a short documentary film about dyslexia and the education sector, called Educate Me. We’re proud to say that since then, that documentary has been used as a valuable resource across the education and health sectors in Scotland.

The first film Educate Me, was part 1 of a planned series of films about dyslexia. After postponing our documentary plans in 2020 due to Covid, in summer 2021 we have now launched our kickstarter funding campaign for stage 2 of our documentary series, due to be filmed later this year.

The 2021 documentary will focus on dyslexia and mental health, exploring the emotional, psychological & economic impact of unidentified and unsupported Dyslexia. It will also investigate wellbeing techniques that high profile dyslexic people have found helpful.

The aim of this website is to allow supporters and viewers to interact with the production team as the film is being made. The film will not be made in isolation – feedback, comments and suggestions from supporters and viewers will inform the creative process and help shape the film.

Monthly updates and rough cuts of the film will be posted regularly, with opportunities to comment.

Regular live streams on Facebook and Youtube throughout the development process will enable engagement with our funding community and supporters. In these sessions, the team will invite people to discuss topics we are going to feature in the film. The first live stream chat will be at the end of June while the funding campaign is still running.

We hope that those who experience the project, either by watching the film or using the online resources, will benefit by gaining a better understanding of dyslexia and what life is like for people with dyslexia, the positives, negatives, challenges and opportunities. As well as sharing an insight into the lives of people living with dyslexia, in their own words, we hope the film will also inspire others to explore their own experiences with the dyslexia, seek support if needed and lead successful and fulfilling lives.