kicking off new donations in Jan 2019

“Dyslexia – Educate Me” was a year in the making.

The film is about Dyslexic and the experiences shared by many dyslexics throughout the Scottish education system. The film was a year in the making, using a predominantly dyslexic crew. we will be following this up with the next stage starting pre-production early in the New Year 2019 so watch this space. Follow our progress online and please get involved. We would very much welcome your comments about your experience of dyslexia. Please help use promote this film by sharing with your networks.

Bluestar Streaming and Dyslexia Scotland are producing a documentary about dyslexia

and how it affects people’s lives and emotions on a day to day basis. The film will respond to the question so many people ask – ‘What does if feel like to be dyslexic?’. We will show this by telling the personal stories of contributors.

Aims of the film


This website that will allow you to interact with the production team as the film is being made.  The film will not be made in isolation, feedback from viewers, comments and suggestions will inform the creative process and help shape the film.  Monthly updates and rough cuts of the film will be posted regularly, with facilities for viewers to comment.

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The crew and people involved in the production of this film are dyslexic and this will add to the authenticity of the film.  We will make this film to let people know what it feels like emotionally and physically to live with dyslexia, we will tell personal stories.  Read More

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